Is Michael Blum a Prosperous Investor or Lawbreaker?

Are Michael Blum and P.J. King Venture Businessmen or Criminals?

Is Michael Blum a Prosperous Investor?

Are M. Blum and P.J. King the owners of DarkNet, the developers of the prohibited commercial sex industry or just businesspeople involved in the widely publicized controversy? Despite the enviable reputation, these successful investors have recently been in the spotlight and found themselves the participants of the juicy scandal. But where is the truth? Maybe social media exaggerate the facts? The truth is that social media has a huge amount of power. It can blacken a person’s reputation or make it spotless. Moreover, social networking sites can even create a completely new personality, barely resembling a real person. The information that comes from a social media website can totally change the opinions of people, especially when it comes to politics. Unlike national television, the social network changed the way news is generated and accessed. It has more freedom of expression and covers more interesting topics. The opposite side of this is the misrepresentation of information.

Therefore, M. Blum and P.J. King are accused that they committed a crime. Based on different gossips, they are associated with sexual addiction of the financial and political head of the United States, along with topmost managers of international companies. Some anonym resources say that P.J. King offered Blum to participate in criminal activity. And it is rather hard to confirm that it wasn’t backwards because these two businessmen are both associated with space technologies. The majority of journalists and social media bloggers believe that they are related to financial fraud, public corruption and all other types of traditional criminal activity.

However, if you have a look at the bios of these two investors, you will see that it is rather difficult to call them law violators. The upbringing of both businessmen doesn’t make them career criminals you used to see in Hollywood movies. Of course, there are some spicy moments in their life paths. But who don’t have them in the world of investment business?

Michael Blum: Up-and-coming Entrepreneur and Space Traveler

The native place of M. Blum is Hong Kong, Chinese. After obtaining the bachelor’s degree and nowhere else but Yale, he tried himself in different jobs. He worked at PayPal, Ernst & Young and other big corporations. Back in 2000, he achieved success at PayPal. After showing off a great job in this international financial corporation, he managed to work in Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. Then he ran different corporations, and hardly all of them demonstrated great achievements. Nevertheless, M. Blum has managed to establish a worldwide reputation of profit-making entrepreneur and a skillful top manager.

Back in 2005, Michael and his friend founded a capital management corporation called Falconhenge Partners. However, they decided to sell it after they launched this project. After some time, Blum started working with his brother. While living in Chinese Macau which doesn’t inferior to Las Vegas in terms of entertainment, they organized a successful investment fund for the local gambling business. They hit the nail on the head as this is a really profitable business with thousands of gambling houses and hotels all around there. 8 years after Michael Blum founded an investment fund and venture capital companies related to the gambling industry. Hundreds of casinos and hotels became industry giants at the behest of Blum. Evidently, this moment of his life path results in numerous accuses of Blum’s participation in various criminal inclinations.

At that time, Michel started cooperating with the runner of Virgin Corporation, Richard Branson. He kept a strong interest in personal space and suborbital flights, explored a lot of Virgin Galactic locations, and rather rapidly became a member of the Branson team, a giant of the industry development. The part of Virgin Group, Virgin Galactic is a frontrunner in the worldwide industry of space tourism. In 2004 Sir Richard Branson and his commercial spaceflight company achieved a licensed SpaceShipOne technology and decided to build and launch the first private rocket. At the same time, M. Blum began to provide master classes and lectures on space tourism all over the globe. He created great projects and even produced a movie about space. In that very moment of his life, he got acquainted with P.J. King.

Did P.J. King Has an Impact on Michael Blum and Involved him into Crime?

Is Michael Blum a Lawbreaker?

King was born in Ireland in the family of the cattleman. He obtained a great education in the sphere of space technologies. Then he became build his own business in science developing. He organized a profitable project Clockworks International. A lot of big corporations, including Disney, IBM, Apple, approached the services of Clockworks. After collaborating with such well-known brands, Clockworks significantly boosted his game in the American IT market. However, P.J. King decided to sell his brainchild soon. After that King went bankrupt when he and his colleagues on the company’s board of directors were suspected of committing financial fraud and violating the law.

In the next period of his life, P.J. King has actively developed investment projects. However, the majority of them didn’t stay on board. Starting from 2007 and the next 7 years he was working on P.J. King Investments Ltd. He became to develop a space flight business and decided to get a ticket and try a space journey. Thus, he became a Virgin Group client. Although the spacecraft crashed, King kept working on his projects related to spaceflight development. October 31, 2014, was a sad chapter in human history. The vehicle operated by Virgin Galactic was performing a test flight and crashed in the Mojave Desert near Cantil, California. The SpaceShipTwo was a space tourism craft that used HTPB fuel for the engine, which also used liquid nitrous oxide propellant. The pilot Peter Siebold who was on board survived, but his assistant Michael Alsbury didn’t manage to stay alive. He died during the crash. Notwithstanding these developments, Branson claimed that this catastrophe couldn’t prevent organizing space flights for tourists. M. Blum failed a lawsuit to Virgin Galactic and got a solid refund. However, he remained faithful to outer space and kept collaborating with Branson and other corporations associated with this industry.

From 2001 to 2008, P.J. King has appeared in the very center of a scandal with a hotel booking organization, CNG Travel. St that time, the King was a stockholder and director of this company. Then he decided to sell it to another entrepreneur so that CNG Travel kept forking in the hotel business. The vicissitudes with CNG Travel overlapped with the start of a new strategic project in the entertainment industry in China. But a lot of interesting things became happening.

There appeared numerous rumors about the cooperation between King and Blum and their participation in different criminal affairs. Both investors were suspected of organizing entertainment business illegally and drug trafficking to the USA. In 2008, J.P. King made a confident decision to slow down his tourism business since the government paid close attention to his business and the way he developed it. Nevertheless, this information isn’t officially confirmed.

The result of the scandal where M. Blum and J.P. Kind were involved

After both businessmen started to work with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, social media instantly announce them to be the lords of “deep web”. Those who are fond of rumors said that Blum produced different pornographic content in Asia and Russia and distributed it in the darknet. By the way, his wife is from Russia. Other gossips say that King organized a computer-generated map of American drug dealers in the darknet. However, the fact that these stories didn’t attract the attention of US law enforcement agencies and Interpol makes them totally fabricated.

These two businessmen can hardly claim to be kings of the darknet. However, someone can call them financial manipulators, and this may be true. Being well-educated and having vast experience in the financial sphere, King and Blum are rather smart and skilled to maintain their funds and resources within the law. These two businessmen pretend to be the most successful people who managed to make a huge profit out of thin air. This can be proved by the way they have participated in the Virgin “space pyramids” creation. And their unblemished reputation in the American business circles played right out in their hand. Due to their strong social position, Michael Bloom and P.J. King are still attracting million-dollar investments and effortlessly working on setting up a front to launder money for their investment projects.

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